Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DeKalb County School Nutrition Farm to School Initiative

We are very excited to announce that DeKalb County has started a new Farm to School program for the new school year, 2011-2012!  The DeKalb County School Nutrition Program is working with Dexter’s Farm to bring Georgia grown fruits and vegetables to the students of DeKalb.  This is a national initiative that provides students fresh fruits and vegetables through the connection of in-state farmers.  Each month, the DeKalb School Nutrition program will highlight at least one Georgia grown fresh fruit or vegetable in the cafeteria along with nutrition education regarding its origin.  This program supports the department’s mission to promote lifetime wellness to DeKalb County students and staff by serving meals that are high quality, nutritious, enjoyable and economical.
Be sure to check your school lunch menu for the locally farmed, produce of the month. 
Promoting the local produce of the month is not just up to the county.  Parents, teachers and school administrators can work together to get students excited about local produce.  Contact us for more ideas!
Friday, August 26th is Watermelon Day!

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